SCADA Systems

Connelly Industrial Electronics (CIE) is a full service company providing SCADA engineering, product expertise, installation, training, and service personnel to support each clients unique requirements.

A basic SCADA system would consist of a computer, monitor, and a software package for HMI (Human-Machine-Interface), or sophisticated process control. In the basic HMI configuration, the operator can view graphic displays of each remote site while monitoring the remote status and alarm conditions. With an addition of a printer, the SCADA system can print alarm and status conditions as they occur. The printer feature also allows for the printing of reports and trend charts. By adding an alarm reporting software package, the computer can be used to call-out a multitude of alarms.  Adding remote access to the SCADA system will allow operators to monitor and make control changes while away from the master station.

SCADA Environments:

  • Water systems, tank and reservoir level monitors, pump controllers for wells, sewer lift station monitoring, sewer pumping station monitoring and control, remote valve control and flow monitoring stations
  • Water treatment plant monitoring and control system
  • Irrigation water monitoring and control system – reservoir level monitoring