PumpHouse Pro Next Generation

The PumpHouse Pro Next Generation is the ultimate in golf course system control. This system recognizes the need for multiple pumps while maintaining constant system pressure. Engineered with the golf course superintendent in mind – simple, reliable, and efficient.

The PumpHouse Pro Next Generation was designed for golf courses, but is flexible enough to meet the demands of many other applications such as:

  • Municipal water systems

  • Closed water systems

  • Cooling towers

  • HVAC systems

  • Agriculture and commercial irrigation systems

  • Snow making systems

  • Theme parks

  • Commercial applications

Optional equipment and services regarding PumpHouse Pro Next Generation:

  • Variable frequency drives

  • SSRV starters

  • Valves

  • Pressure transmitters

  • Flow meters

  • Remote control/monitoring

  • Spring pump house start-ups

  • Parts and Repair

  • Complete mechanical and electrical installation services

  • Complete pump house solutions provider

Key Benefits of the PumpHouse Pro:

  • Fits any system – new installation, retrofit situations, VFD's, conventional, electronic butterfly valves, centrifugal or turbine

  • User friendly - easy to operate and understand, the PumpHouse Pro Next Generation color touchscreen will take you through the entire program and allow you to make quick and accurate adjustments

  • Reduce your operating costs - since 1990, the PumpHouse Pro Next Generation has been saving customers money on water, power, labor and equipment and we are sure that this will be the best investment your course will make this year

  • Many updated features - the PumpHouse Pro Next Generation features such as: trend graph for PSI and flow, time stamped faults, fault log page, pump hours, pump number of starts, upgraded fault management and more

  • Customer technical support: 7 days a week - 24 hours a day